Keep control of your Identity on the cyberspace

ID’s rooted in the blockchain blockchain provides SSID (Decentralized IDentity) and DPKI (Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure) for the Unikname next‑gen Authentication Solution.

@unikname ID

Augmented pseudo under the sole control of its owner

Self-Sovereign Identifier

your @unikname ID is a Self-Sovereign Identifier, also called DID or Decentralized ID, under your sole control.

Featured NFT

your @unikname ID is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) with peerless features like badges, properties… and crypto-accounts.

Pseudonymous ID

your @unikname ID could be a pseudo, a real name, or any funny name. We don’t care about your real identity.


Protected against spoofing by SafeTypo© technology, your @unikname ID is a trustworthy Human-Readable ID.


Thank’s to an original life cycle management, squatting of @unikname IDs is very limited.

On-Chain / Off-Chain Control

@unikname ID protects your Digital Identity Privacy over the whole cyberspace. There’s no traces about your authentications. 

Specialized DPOS Blockchain


  • 10 Individuals – Defenders of individual freedoms and privacy 100% 100%
  • 10 Organizations – Commited in securing the web for businesses 100% 100%
  • 3 Network community players 30% 30%

@unikname IDs

NFTs stored in the network to date

UNS protocol token

A powerful and highly-liquid utility token

UNS tokens reward users for their day-to-day private authentications with their @unikname ID. Users can spent UNS to get network services or to exchange them against vouchers or promotional coupons to be redeemed on any partner platforms.    

Rewarding Delegates

UNS Token rewards delegates for validating blockchain operations such as updating @unikname ID properties, claiming badges or getting partners coupons.

Network Services Economy

UNS tokens are spent to get network services and UNS tokens can be gained when contributing to some network services

User Rewarding System

UNS tokens are used to encourage users to maximize use of their @unikname ID to make the internet more secure and more trustful

UNS community

Unikname Team has been designed and developped by the Unikname team, composed of 12 individuals passionate about blockchain technology, cryptography and privacy. We’re growing and we need talented people to deliver our awsome roadmap.

Network Players

Network players play an important role in the UNS Community. Delegates are securing the network and ambassadors participate in making the solution known to as many people as possible. Both are well rewarder.


Of course, users are at the heart of the UNS community. They’re welcome to share their point of view, to ask questions between themseves and also to the product team. They’ve their dedicated forum 🙂 

UNS community

Unikname Team

12 individuals passionate about privacy

Network Players

Many network players, delegates, services providers


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